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At Supplement Quick Deals we do not guarantee or take responsibility about the timeliness, consistency, usefulness, accuracy, or much more, about the information displayed on the website. The information, case studies and other research work shown on the website are the only advertisements based and are given to us by the manufacturer of the product. Thus it is requested to have a proper counsel of health experts and doctors before using any of the displayed supplements or to know the exact dosage of the product you intend to use.

With the advancement in medical technology and research methodology, it is a difficult job for any individual to get the right supplement that can guarantee and assure desired health results. Supplement Quick Deals is focused mainly towards providing precise and right information about the product and supplements displayed. However no individual from the company can be held responsible for any sort of issues related to false information, it is due to this reason we request all the customers to consult a medical expert or doctors prior to products usage.